“It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change gone come.”—Sam Cooke

Hailing from the Motor City’s poverty-stricken eastside, C.H.A.D the Change’s life experience gives him the passion and drive to make music that’s emotionally moving and versatile. “It takes C.ourage H.eart A.mbition and D.edication to make the necessary change you want to see”, explains Detroit native C.H.A.D The Change when asked about the origin of his name.

C.H.A.D was originally a member of a popular local hip hop group in Detroit. After some of the group members went to jail and suffered misfortunes, he found it necessary to embark on his solo career. Late 2009, he rose to stardom on radio airwaves with his single “I’ma take it”. Upon the release of his mixtape “The Introduction Crescendo’s” in January 2012, C.H.A.D garnered praise from many revered musicians within the industry.

C.H.A.D the Change’s music combines a rare combination of street aggression and melodic social consciousness. Power, soul, versatility, and substance— all of these words describe C.H.A.D The Change. His music is rhythmically addictive, emotionally moving, and extremely versatile. C.H.A.D has a natural ability to find a comfortable home on basically any form of instrumentation. This coupled with his complex rhyme schemes provide a breath of fresh air from the one-dimensional rap music that clouds the airwaves today.

“C.H.A.D. is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. He’s the next big artist. Some say he sounds like Ludacris because of the power in his voice, but really, with the things that he talks about, has all the ingredients to be the voice/symbol of an entire generation much like a Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, or a Tupac Shakur.

–Marcus “NuMusic” Stephens, platinum producer of “Do Ya Bad” by Yung Joc & Deliver by Lupe Fiasco

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